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This record label has been opeated by Richo since 1983 that began as a subsidiary of Gary Levermore's Third Mind Records..

Following a short succession of cassettes and flexidiscs, often affiliated with Grim Humour 'zine, it has been responsible for records and CDs over the years by Alternative TV, Map 71, Circle, Ascension, KK Null, Sleaford Mods, The Gerogerigegege, Limbs Bin, Hijokaidan, JFK, Splintered, Kleistwahr, Tabata Mitsuru, EXTNDDNTWRK, Thurston Moore, Contrastate, Con Demek, Stefan Jaworzyn, Theme, Omit, Stylus, AMP Studio, Merzbow, Shifts, Zsolt Sores, Cindytalk, Rake, Sweet Tooth, Sion Orgon, Mahler Haze and far more besides.

Fourth Dimension Records is chiefly distributed by Cargo Records (in association with Forced Exposure, USA).


Please note that, generally, we do not accept demos. We already have a full release schedule and the budget is straining enough as it is. However, if you think you have something that will convince us regardless, please send it physically as emails with links/downloads in them simply get left behind due to the fact we receive a large number of emails every day.

The address to send anything to is:

ul. Wilenska 5/70
31-413 Krakow

Email: [email protected]


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