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Fourth Dimension & Friends

Date: Friday 29 & Saturday 30 November 2019

Location: Dublin Castle, Camden, 94 Parkway, NW1 8AN, London, UK

Prices: £12.50 - £24

A two day event bringing together a few of the artists Fourth Dimension Records has worked with in more recent years alongside a couple of others whose work is actively endorsed.
The same as the event at Cafe OTO in October 2018, there will be an exclusive release tied in with this available from the first day of the event onwards. This time round this will be a limited edition 10" featuring exclusive tracks from a few of the artists involved and a couple of others. Further details soon.
The two nights themselves will run as follows. Please note there are 100 early bird tickets available.


Friday 29, 19.30 - 23.30
Alternative TV (newer material/more experimental set)
Gad Whip
DJ William Bennett

Saturday 30, 19.00 - 23.30
Alternative TV (The Image Has Cracked set)
Map 71
DJ William Bennett


Early bird 2-day ticket (100 limit): £20
2-day ticket: £24.00
Single day (advanced booking): £12.50
Single day (on door): £15


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Firday Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/466733
Saturday Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/466735

Alternative TV

About time there was a book on this group and its founder (watch this space!). Most, however, know that Mark Perry, the man behind the legendary Sniffin' Glue fanzine, formed the group either due to or as a response to punk in 1977. Since the debut 'How Much Longer' 7" released that very same year, Mark has remained the sole surviving original member and still highly motivated driving force. Not one to stand still, he has taken the group through a succession of lineup changes embarking on a wide spectrum of styles since then; including the blend of igneous rock bludgeon and amalgamation of stripped electronics that informs the fantastic 'Dark Places' 12" e.p. on Fourth Dimension from April 2018. Whilst awaiting the new album, Perry has overseen the reissue of 1979's 'Scars On Sunday' (on FD subsidiary Winter Hill Recordings and out in May 2019), plus the group are contributing a track to the limited edition 10" due to be released to coincide with the label event in November.
ATV will be once again in group mode (featuring Dave Morgan, Lee McFadden and Clive Giblin besides Mark Perry) at the label extravaganza at The Dublin Castle, playing two headline sets (the first of which promises to be dedicated to mostly newer and more experimental songs, the second of which will be based on The Image Has Cracked album) on both Friday 29th November and Saturday 30th November.
RECORD COLLECTOR said: "ATV's long-awaited 10th, Opposing Forces, suggests Perry's back in the game with a fresh sense of purpose. He's fronting an all-new five-man line-up (including ex-The Loft/Weather Prophets drummer Dave Morgan) and, for the most part, he sounds wholly reinvigorated. Accordingly, Opposing Forces presents a riveting programme for seasoned ATV watchers. The spiky, militant titular song quickly demonstrates that Perry and his latest charges are in the rudest of health; the lusty, swaggering French Girls and ballsy Hello New York are both unashamedly anthemic, and The Visitor's ghostly minimalism is genuinely eerie." (2016)

Alternative TV Profile


Founded in 1987 by Stephen Meixner and Jonathan Grieve, with Stephen J. Pomeroy joining in 1992, Contrastate boasts one of the richest experience pools among the groups of the post-industrial movement. Initially embedded firmly in the tradition of industrial music and physical confrontation through sound Contrastate did not cease to evolve and slowly moved away from extremes and towards more balanced, subtle compositions. Their current style on the recent releases: A Breeding Ground for Flies (2012 Dirter Promotions) and the live album No Eden Without Annihilation (2016 Tesco Organisation) are situated somewhere in the realm of the avant-garde variety of dark, ritual ambient music combined with elements of experimental noise. Their diverse musical heritage exhibits unique electronic manipulations combined with stentorian vocals embedded in a heavy, surreal industrial background. They have long abandoned any attempt to reproduce studio work live, new material is specifically written for their performances, combining live electronics, acoustic instruments, sound manipulation and performance art. Contrastate is indeed a prime example of experimentation in music. Those involved constantly feel the need to try out different ideas, different ways of recording and different ways to use instruments.
Contrastate also appear on the limited edition 10" on Fourth Dimension Records, released to coincide with the event.
TWO HEADED DOG said: "Contrastate follow up their studio album A Breeding Ground for Flies (DPROM 091CD, 2012) for Dirter Promotions with two brand new tracks. A sonic soundtrack to an apocalyptic world that is hypnotic, yet full of dynamic sounds and shifts. Their sound insinuates itself somewhere inside the dark ritual ambiance of the electronic avant-garde shot through with a vein of experimental noise and sarcophagic vocals strewn among industrial surrealism." ('True Believer' 7", 2016)

Contrastate Profile


JFK has been Anthony Di Franco of Ramleh's long-running concern since the mid-1980s. Beginning, like so many of his contemporaries, by modestly cutting his teeth on the cassette network of the time, it soon became apparent that his often bass-heavy melding of sometimes savage textures and sonic overload possessed the same depth and prowess as the artists who'd doubtlessly inspired him. Since those days, his work has reached further and expanded to not only retain the power of the earlier releases, but also take the sometimes uneasy atmospherics into spaces perhaps more refined yet just as capable of evoking dystopian nightmares. Sometimes drawing as much from other forms of music, such as techno and electronica, Anthony now creates palettes of sound contemporaneous in nature which can still be brutal, unforgiving and crushing as huge slabs of bass or chunks of rhythmic devastation continue to bind them together. This is akin to Ramleh being stripped of their dark psychedelic overtones before being subjected to a thousand cuts and thrust onto the kinda dancefloor only the lonely and slightly insane would be seen on. Over the years, the work of JFK has long been supported by Fourth Dimension Records. Weapon Design, the latest album, first appeared on the label as a limited edition LP released in mid-2018. It was reissued on CD in April 2019.
COMPULSION ONLINE said: "Weapon Design is stark, punishing, clinical, incisive, in its rendering of beats, synths and noise. But it's the deft layering of electronics and noise and those unruly beats which help to make Weapon Design so compelling. Direct and unflinching, this is a mean record where everything is precision aimed to devastating effect." (Weapon Design LP, 2018)

JFK Profile

Map 71

Brighton based Map 71 are a duo comprised of Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics) and Lisa Jayne (words, voice). Together they have been working away at an approach that draws from post-punk, krautrock, electronic music of all kinds and other such realms to create a refreshing environment where reflection, wry observations, the abstract and full immersion can develop. They have existed for a few years now and had several releases out both on their own Foolproof Projects imprint and via a couple of other labels. Fourth Dimension Records reissued their Gloriosa album in February 2018 and co-released (with Foolproof Projects) the wonderful Void Axis CD in October 2018. Since then, they have released the 'Ex Socialite Needs A New Invention' single (once again on Foolproof), have a new track included on the 10" for the event, and have commenced work on their next album.
COMPULSION ONLINE said: "Map 71 are about motion and emotion. The drumming and electronics provided by Andy Pyne provide the momentum to Lisa Jayne's words. Outside of Map 71, Lisa Jayne is a poet, and her words here may have evolved from poetry but within Map 71 they veer from sparse verse to social comment, magical tales to stream-of-consciousness lyrics. A stream of angst and agitation not seen since the anarcho-punk days of the eighties worms its way into the rhythm and voice of this Brighton based duo, which may account for the continual comparisons with contemporary political agitators Sleaford Mods. Our review of their previous release Gloriosa went further with references to Suicide and Z'EV and we probably should have mentioned the early albums of PiL, as the sound of Map 71 is strewn with influences from post-punk, industrial and improvisation. But they also sneak in influences from dance music into their electronics, even if it is turned upside down. Void Axis is perhaps less dark and stark than the Gloriosa, their previous release on Fourth Dimension which initially appeared as a cassette release before a hasty reissue on CD with additional archive tracks. Void Axis is their latest release of their current sound and it marks a further evolution featuring tracks that are more atmospheric and one that is even drumless, alongside their distinctive drum, electronic and vocal approach." (Void Axis, October 2018)

Map 71 Profile